Long vacations: one reason teaching isn’t so bad

JISHOU, HUNAN — Non-teachers envy us our long vacations. So what if teachers often end up working through their vacations doing school stuff or summer jobs? At least those vacas are built into our employment package.

America, in general, does not guarantee workers vacation time, however. Among the developed countries of the world, the USA is the only one that does not require paid vacation by law. Take a look at this chart from The Washington Post.

That’s us, the really short guy on the right.

As The WaPo points out, in practice, American workers in the upper income brackets do get paid vacations and holidays as one of their benefits. It’s the poor slobs working minimum-wage jobs at Wal-Mart and fast food joints that get the short end of the stick.

Unless they work someplace besides the USA.

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